QuietQube Series RFS-2370C Ice Cube Machine

Highly reliable flaker ice machine teamed with remote condenser systems to effectively dissipate heat away from your kitchen and staff.

When it comes to food preservation not only does your product need to look good and stay fresh, the ice needs to look good too. Manitowoc flake ice machines offer quick cooling moldable flakes, all day, every day.

Small pieces of ice with a 73% ice to water ratio forms around objects without bruising and hold in place without tipping and spilling. Perfect for food and beverage presentation.

QuietQube Series Remote Systems consist of a remote condensing unit, interconnecting refrigerant lines, ice machine head section, and ice storage unit, all ordered separately. This maximizes ice-making capability and minimizes air conditioning loads by lowering the ambient air temperature at the ice machine.

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Dimensions 23.59 × 30 × 27.41 in

2063 lbs. daily at 70/50°, 1702 lbs. daily at 90/70°

Storage Capacity

Storage capacities vary with bin chosen. See spec sheets for exact storage capacities.

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Suggested bins for the QuietQube® Series RFS-2370C ice cube machine:

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